The original AUSXIP (Australian Xena Information Page) was created on 15 December 1996 by MaryD for Australian Xena Warrior Princess.  AUSXIP is a non-profit network of sites whose main goal is to promote and support the actors/tv shows we love and hope you do as well!


Star Trek: The Next Generation was my first love and one always remembers their first love. I read every novel, I watched every episode (repeatedly) and my favourite characters were Captain Jean Luc Picard, Commander Data, Lt Natasha Yar (RIP) and Cousellor Deanna Troi. I loved every minute of it. Star Trek: The Next Generation was joined by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. TNG & DS9 were a trekkies dream come true. My favourites on DS9 were Major Kira Nerys and Jadzia Dax. I had been writing Star Trek fiction for a long time and with the advent of DS9, I had eleven of my DS9 fanfics printed in various issues of Eridani Fanzine (long before the Fan fiction Archive we know and love today). Along with Star Trek: TNG, DS9 and then Voyager (my favourites was Seven of Nine) it was NIRVANA. Since the end of those shows, my interests lay elsewhere towards Xena (that’s where the X in AUSXIP comes from) until the announcement that Sir Patrick Stewart was coming back to Trek as Jean Luc Picard. 

One of the very first sites I created at the dawn of the internet was my Star Trek site and then my Babylon 5 site and then…Xena Warrior Princess. It’s been quite a journey.

I’m back where I began…with a Star Trek site and this time it’s dedicated to Star Trek: Picard. Isn’t life funny sometimes. 


AUSXIP has a charity site where we hold our charity auction – we have been holding these auctions since 2006 and in that time we have raised over $200,000 for various charities including our official charities The Starship Foundation – raising money for the premiere Children’s hospital in New Zealand called The Starship Hospital. We recently announced that we are adding The House of Bards as our official charity – Renee O’Connor’s theatre company which will showcase young actors and teach young people about the joys of the bard.

The auction site is 100% free for members and 100% of the money goes to the nominated charity without fees being involved.  For more about the AUSXIP Charity section go to AUSXIP For the Greater Good



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